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once upon a time…

there was a writer who dreamed of becoming more than her desk job as an office manager. so she wrote a book. and, surprisingly/unsurprisingly, no one wanted to publish it. so she did what any desperate person with the misguided idea that they had something to share would do: start a blog.

on a more serious note – this is my dream. and i’m going to do everything i can to make it a reality. because at the end of the day, no one is going to make that dream happen for me. this is my journey to see how far i can go to accomplish something.

at the end of my life, i want to look back on what i’ve done with pride. this is one of many steps i’ve taken to accomplish just that.

please read, feel free to send me feedback, and tell your friends! i would really love to see this published and become something of some significance. also, this is my baby. don’t be a dick and try to steal it or take credit for it. because that would be stupid. and it would be downright scuzzy. and also because i have enough evidence proving that this book is my intellectual property to drown a small animal. i like small animals, so i’d rather we didn’t go down that road.

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