chapter ten part two

Glaciem and Bick moved swiftly and quietly. Though the Village was quiet, they dared not risk the open road leading to the outer gates and choose instead to weave their way through the trees still scattered throughout the roads, crops and near houses. They were not so concerned about Villagers, but rather the enemies theyContinue reading “chapter ten part two”

chapter seven part two

Soon, they could see the walls bordering the House of Meeting, but somehow in her hurried departure from the Great Hall to get to Narratus, Glaciem had been completely turned around. The field ended along the sidewall. She had intended to go to the front where the gates were. When they reached the small pathContinue reading “chapter seven part two”

chapter one part two

She hesitated before turning on her heel, intent on walking out the way she had come. As she did, her mouth dropped open as she watched the trees twist themselves together, barring her path home completely, the fenced border totally blocked from view. She was not leaving this place until the Forest decided she couldContinue reading “chapter one part two”

preface part two

The next days were a confusion to her. She could not recall when she was asleep or awake, when she spoke to the old man, or when she only dreamt she had. She did not understand what he meant when he had spoken of the Elements. Often, the pain in her head was so greatContinue reading “preface part two”