chapter eight part two

The Village was deathly quiet. Even with their slow progress on account of Narratus being unable to walk quickly, they did not see anyone besides themselves. Glaciem and Bick were kept up front. Their hands were bound and they were blindfolded so as to prevent them from struggling or retaliating. They were not permitted toContinue reading “chapter eight part two”

chapter three part two

Glaciem yelped and sprang to her feet, her heart thumping uncomfortably in her chest as she did. She spread her hands wide, calling for any water she could summon from the air. There was not much; the books in the room greedily sucked up whatever moisture they were able to find. She could only manageContinue reading “chapter three part two”

preface part two

The next days were a confusion to her. She could not recall when she was asleep or awake, when she spoke to the old man, or when she only dreamt she had. She did not understand what he meant when he had spoken of the Elements. Often, the pain in her head was so greatContinue reading “preface part two”